Project 1 | Module 1

How to Poster | Module 1 Steps

Learning Summary: After doing research, I found that a lot of food posters use a hand drawn style and I loved that! That style fits seems to fit a food topic really well. I am hoping as the weeks go on, I can successfully make my posters look a little more like that.  I also really love the bright colors that so many of these posters use. To me, they make them so much more interesting to look at. Especially with my topic, I thought some fun colors would work really well. (I really liked the black and white/sketched look too, though!)

I realized how difficult it is to provide instructions without words. So hard! Detail is so important, yet it has to be simple enough for everyone to understand. This project has made me appreciative for those big (frustrating), furniture instructions.

I also realized (again) just how time consuming, yet important sketching is. That step by far took me the longest this week but in the end it’s worth it. It’s interesting though, I seem to always go back to the first few sketches — probably because they are usually the more simple layouts.

Lastly, I know I have a lot to work on but I really need to work on the juicer. Right now it looks a little like a boat and an artichoke mixed to me. Anyone have any suggestions on how to improve that?

PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster2 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster3 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster4 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster5 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster6 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster7 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster8 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster9 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster10 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster11 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster12 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster13 PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster14


3 thoughts on “Project 1 | Module 1”

  1. Preslee,
    I think your idea of making lemonade is so cute, and has a great summer feel! I thought that a combination of your posters could work really well, as each has interesting elements. I like how you have the various items actually all laid out in the second variation. I think you could group them into chunks with different size variations to make them even more interesting.
    I had the idea to maybe try making things go in a circular direction, sort of like a clock. Right now I had to take a moment to figure out to start from the bottom left to the top right. I think it could work though with a little more space for example.
    I also think you have the good start of a color scheme going, right now the red is really standing out to me the most. Maybe the yellow of the lemonade would work better as the star of the show.
    Just a few ideas, I hope they help — great start!!


  2. Your lemonade how to poster looks awesome! I like how you outlined the ingredients quantities at the top. That is a really smart way of showing it. The only thing with that is that it looks just a touch crowded. I wonder if you could make the items smaller a touch or get a little more space between them. Also the task images order is a little bit confusing at first glance. If the numbers weren’t there I would have read it left to right then down. Maybe think of testing that with a couple of people to see what the convention is.

    Your illustrations and process book looks awesome! Great job!


  3. I really like where both of your posters are going. They each have great features. I liked the 10 lemons going across the top of the one, yet love the impact of the deep blue for grounding the overrall poster.

    I thought the lemon juicer is really good. You asked for any suggestions and the only thing I could think of was a little handle on one side. We had one growing up that pretty much you could put one finger through to pour the juice out. I think it is very identifiable as it is now.

    One suggestion would be to make the liquid on the lemon just a little bit bigger “blobs” or to somehow show a bit more volume. The drops are small and at first I thought they were seeds in a lemon as the shape is very similar.

    Great job and nice work on the illustrations.


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