Project 1 | Module 2

Project1PosterPurple PresleeDayton_Project1_HowToPoster9


4 thoughts on “Project 1 | Module 2”

  1. Preslee,
    Wow! Your newer version of this design is so pretty! That is what first came to mind. The color scheme is really strong and feels more cohesive to a fun spring or summer drink. There looks to be more hierarchy as well.

    I have some ideas for you! One is about the border, I am not sure if you need it. I was thinking that the dark purple is nice though, so maybe you could use it for the numbers inside the lemons or for the arrows that give directions instead. I also think that your dots for your dividers could be smaller and close together so that they are more like a thin line, but that it still adds some interest. Right now they are competing with interesting details, like the drop os liquid for example.

    Great job!!


  2. I agree that you don’t need the border. If you drop the border I think the images could be a bit bigger and the white space will look really nice.

    I love your drawings. They are super cute and easy to read. The only graphic change I see is that for the stirring step you could angle the swirly arrows so they look more like the motion you would be doing.

    As far as the color scheme goes you could experiment with using a slightly more magenta background color, and I would make it a little darker too. The true triadic for green and yellow is a reddish purple, but the purple you have works too.

    Looks good!


  3. Hi Preslee. I actually like the border and feel it ties everything together. I also really like your images. They are clear and easy to understand. I still feel like they are too small. I think they would look great bolder and bigger. I also feel like colorwise they could be brighter and bolder. Maybe the background being a darker shade would help them to pop.


  4. I am loving the changes you’ve done. The colors are so fresh and summery feeling. I like the flow of the steps much better too. I like the dotted lines. You could definitely try with making them smaller and tighter, but I’d also consider just slightly increasing the size of all of your images just a bit inside each square. Maybe you’ve already tried it, but if not, it seems like there is just a touch too much white space and that they’re just a little far off. Loving it though! Nice job.


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