Project 2 | Module 3

PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data2 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data3 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data4 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data5 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data6 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data7 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data8 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data9 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data10 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data11 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data12


2 thoughts on “Project 2 | Module 3”

  1. Hi Preslee! We have similar datasets, but instead I limited my focus on South America. You have a lot of data here and I like that you have organized the lists into neat columns and rows as well as kept the font size small. On the first design, the stripes are fun but make things hard to see. I also like the layout on this one best. On the second design, I don’t think the popcorn bucket is necessary, but if you decide to include it I would make it much smaller. Lastly, I would start thinking about a more harmonious and contrasting color scheme. All of the bright colors next to each other are a bit overwhelming and I don’t know where to look first. Good luck!



  2. Preslee,

    I love you really dove in and tried different ideas for your posters. I think the font that you chose for the title in your first poster is excellent. And I didn’t understand the stripes at first, but once I saw the movie popcorn bucket on the second one I got the stripes. I wanted to help brainstorm a few ideas for you in case you wanted to try out different directions or ideas that might be associated with movies: red carpet, hollywood, spotlights, candy, film reel, directors chair, the festival awards emblem, the thing that says what scene (I don’t remember the name). It might be helpful to pick a movie theme, like glamorous Hollywood, film noir, retro, etc.

    I hope the ideas help!


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