Project 2 | Module 5

Project2.DataMap2ndColorProject2.DataMap2ndColorBWPhysicalMapTicketsPresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data2 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data3 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data4 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data5 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data6 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data7 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data8 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data9 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data10 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data11 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data12 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data13 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data14 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data15 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data16 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data17 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data18 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data19 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data20 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data21 PresleeDayton_Project2_Mapping&Data22


2 thoughts on “Project 2 | Module 5”

  1. Your project is really looking better and better each week. It kind of stinks to have the same exact data set, but I’m glad that our projects haven’t turned out exactly the same. I think that eliminating the box around the text was a good idea. It’s hard to see, but it looks like you listed the prices of each ticket for each country, which I think is a good idea. I don’t know if it’s possible for you to scale down the world map a bit to make a little more room for all of that text, then it would have a little breathing room. I’m excited to see how it all turns out!



  2. Preslee,

    I think the color choices you used for your poster worked great and gave a very dramatic feeling that I think suits the movies. I had a difficult time reading the smaller information. I know it is tricky when there are so many countries! When I took a closer look, I think you could place your numbers closer to your country names, and they could even be on the left side like: $15.50 Ukraine. If people are using that table the way you have set up it is organized by price not alphabetically, so having the value first might make sense. The only color that was difficult to read smaller was the red, the values seemed too close and it made my eyes do that vibrating thing.

    Your tickets came out great! They look really refined and well made!


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