Project 3 | Module 5

PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp2 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp3 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp4 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp5 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp6 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp7 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp8


3 thoughts on “Project 3 | Module 5”

  1. Great research. I appreciate your description of when to use each chart. Your research table is the second one that I see and it makes me realized I may have completely missed what I was supposed to get for the schematic data. I’m going to check and fix it.


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