Project 3 | Module 6

PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp2 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp3 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp4 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp5 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp6 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp7 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp8 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp9 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp10 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp11 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp12 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp13 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp14 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp15 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp16


3 thoughts on “Project 3 | Module 6”

  1. You have a good variety of design in your charts. One of the things you made me thing is that if I want to represent the legos on the chart itself or just make it about them and leave the texture (studs) out. I had thought about making them 3d or flat, and this is a new way to see and demosntrate the data. Good point.


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