Project 3 | Module 7

PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp16 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp17

PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp18 PresleeDayton_Project3_LegoDataApp19  Project3.LegoApp_Title Page









Project3.LegoApp_Good bye!


3 thoughts on “Project 3 | Module 7”

  1. Great job with your wireframes! You presented two distinct ideas, and both were very interesting. I also like your rough draft. The little yellow Lego used as a kind of guide through the app is a great idea! Everything is coming along nicely. The only thing that I don’t like is the blue background. This might just be a personal preference, but it’s kind of dark and distracting. I feel like if you could lighten it up a bit your information would stand out more. Overall, awesome app design! Good luck with improvements 🙂


  2. Well done. Your information is well organized, and the colors a harmonious with the theme. I like the way you organized your app navigation too. It is clear because of the change on the background color. I could not identify if you had a specific device in mind, and that makes me think that if you are viewing from a small screen, some of the type will be to small to read.


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