Round 2: Project 1 | Module 1


Infographic: I plan to create an infographic showing the changes in fashion over the years.

Tableau: I am still deciding on an exact topic.

Research and Website: Food storage is the topic I am going with — still working out the details.

I plan to follow a similar layout/schedule as the regular modules.

Example: the first week of a project will be research and inspiration/style, second week will be brainstorming and sketching, etc.


One thought on “Round 2: Project 1 | Module 1”

  1. I LOVE your graphic! What a clever way to show your plan for the semester. It reminds me of an upside down thermometer. You could flip it, print it, and color the white center line each week when you complete it. What a fun way to watch the semester tick by as we get closer to graduating!

    As for your projects… I think they sound great. I won’t spill the bean here about your infographic but I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be beautiful as very creative. 🙂


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