Round 2: Project 1 | Module 2

Well…. this is what I got. I spent a million hours trying to focus on dresses and the different styles but removing the models from the pages didn’t work like I thought. I am feeling super stressed about the whole thing and very uninspired. Any suggestions? Help?

Timeline 1:


Timeline 2:


Process Book:



One thought on “Round 2: Project 1 | Module 2”

  1. Preslee,

    I love the basic layout of the first one! I’d stick with that for now and keep building on it. The covers are small and difficult to see. However, I can see how the style of the actual magazine’s cover design changes over the years. What if you focused on that rather than the actual clothing styles? Would that help with the images you’re pulling? Magazine cover design is a lost art (especially when it comes to women’s fashion magazines). You can show how they have become less about style and more about a model and article titles. What do you think? I know it’s a big switch from where you were going? Does this help?


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