Round 2: Project 2 | Module 5


Here are screen shots to what I have completed in Tableau. This is the only way to view them unless you view the workbook with Tableau Reader (it wont let me attach the workbook file here.)

I decided to move forward with a data set that involves world population, health, development and business. I am focusing on the first three. I have only finished the screens (still need to fix a few things) but I plan to have the storyboard completed by next week.

The scatter plots look boring but they aren’t. They are set to move through the years but the screen shot is only able to show one year/one point.

New Process Book pages:


One thought on “Round 2: Project 2 | Module 5”

  1. On several pages you only show one year. Is there a range that we will be able to choose from? One year tells a powerful story too… just curios. The Life Expectancy pages are incredible! What does “The Americas” mean… does that include Canada, USA, and Mexico? Or more? It seems like Europe has high numbers in some areas where I would expect the US to be higher (Internet usage for example). If “The Americas” is all three countries I wonder if that’s pulling the numbers down for USA?

    All in all great job so far! I finally heard back from Scott Bergstrom, the Institutional Research and Assessment Officer for BYU-I, and it doesn’t look like he can get me the data I was hoping for so I’ll be using instead.

    So far what are your thoughts about Tableau? Are you liking it?


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