Round 2: Project 2 | Module 4

Here are a few screen shots of what I have going on in Tableau. Right now, I am playing with two different data sets while I am trying to figure things out — pay scale in sports and most popular names by state from 1910-2012. At first, I was planning to go the sports direction, but now I am leaning towards the baby names. I think I can better tell a “story” with that data set.

So far I have been watching tutorials, uploading the data set and playing with the different ways to put the charts/graphs together. I am still really confused about how to make all the different parts of the data set to work together because right now I can only make a decent chart out of two of the parts (not all four — hoping that makes sense…?)

Once I figure things out more, I will sketch and really plan out my “story.” As of now, I am thinking I better focus on just one state since it covers so many different years. Or maybe, if I have time, create the same type of chart for all states but make them all individual.


Round 2: Project 1 | Module 1


Infographic: I plan to create an infographic showing the changes in fashion over the years.

Tableau: I am still deciding on an exact topic.

Research and Website: Food storage is the topic I am going with — still working out the details.

I plan to follow a similar layout/schedule as the regular modules.

Example: the first week of a project will be research and inspiration/style, second week will be brainstorming and sketching, etc.